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There is a movie called “Knowing”. Have you seen it?


Although I have not seen the movie nor have no intention of watching it, somehow I came to learn about this film.


Let me check about the movie in more detail.


Well, according to Wikipedia, it is a 2009 American film directed by Alex Proyas and starring Nicolas Cage. Oh, so it is not the latest movie, which I did not know, either.



(Wiki: Knowing)


But, I know Nicholas Cage. He is an actor, who has a long face just like a horse. He has a broad forehead, because his hair is receding, right?


As Nicholas Cage has been in a lot of so-called action movies, I know this actor. Although he is not nice looking, he seems to be quite popular among movie directors. I think this is because if movies have actors or actresses who we know well as main characters, we, the audience, tend to feel very familiar or close to the movies. Consequently, these movies can become blockbusters quite easily. Yet, I think that that is a trick, because in reality we know nothing about them, so they are not close to us at all. Nevertheless, we are easily made to believe that they are very close to us as if they were friends or acquaintances for us. This is an illusion, but we very often don’t release this.


That is why, I guess, movie directors pick up famous actors or actresses for their movies, and can make their movies big hits.


Oh, by the way, I am sure that you know what function Hollywood has been given by a group of wealthy parasitic bankers. That is, Hollywood has been an extremely cunning weapon or a tool for them to brainwash us. 


They use computer graphics, sound effects and other variety of techniques to influence our minds in a very insidious manner. As I know this, and am very afraid of being brainwashed by their films, I don’t watch movies at all nowadays.


In any case, the reason that I learn about this horrifying movie is because Dr. Iguchi Kazuki has mentioned it on his blog just two days ago.



(The Knowing Japan – the Japanese will learn that their future has been already foretold and informed.)


Come to think of it, I have seen a short video on you-tube, which says that the movie has already predicted the 3/11 disaster in Japan!



(The Knowing Movie – Japan and Possible Next Event Involving the number 329)


Can this be true? Well, if you know about the U.S.-Japan Regulatory Reform and Competition Policy Initiative which is issued by the US government to the Japanese government every year, you won’t be surprised to learn about the fact that things seem to have been always predicted or decided.


In the case of the official document, things are always decided only in favor of the US, and announced beforehand.


What is more, in this official statement, very strict demands have been made by the US government to Japan in immensely explicit words. On these documents, the US government acts as if they were the owner of Japan. We are treated, just like their slaves. This is not an exaggeration at all.


In fact, the Japanese market has been devoured by the US every year. The Japanese parasitic government precisely accepted and carried out the requests that are made by the US in this “U.S.-Japan Regulatory Reform and Competition Policy Initiative”.


Mr. Motoyama Yoshihiko, Professor of Kyoto University, has elaborated in his two books these extreme demands that the US has made to Japan, and successfully harvested huge profits, espeically in the field of medicine. For example, he explains that because the US wanted to make our medical system as profitable as their own system, they asked the Japanese government to change laws and systems of our medical field. While every one of us should be given a treatment equally when we are sick, the situation is not like that anymore. The US has changed our medical system to a different system where patients get treatment, depending on their income. This sort of change has forced people to remain untreated, I am sad to say.   


Our medical system was excellent because all citizens were medically insured by the government. However, due to the changes that were incurred by criminal parasites, now we have to pay a lot more for the treatment than before. At the same time, hospitals and clinics receive fewer fees, whereas old citizens are required to pay much more than before.


The situation has been getting worse and worse!


In a word, the US government wants to open the door of Japanese medical industry so that their private insurance companies and corporations can join and eat our medical market. Consequently, medicine will become a tool to make money, not a tool to rescue people from their disease. Only the rich can receive good treatment. The poor are left untreated, which is really unacceptable!! Can we call this kind of change good? No, definitely not.


Learning that they are demanding not only in the field of medicine but in other areas such as construction, accounting, law and education, and that the Japanese government have very obediently accepted and carried out their requests one by one, I was very shocked and felt depressed. Why did they not only accept their requests, but rather happily promoted these shameful demands?


To get proper answers, I think we must read “U.S.-Japan Regulatory Reform and Competition Policy Initiative” very carefully. It is extremely important for us to read it, as there are many predictions, i.e. demands, in it.


As the movie “Knowing” has included some implications that the parasites  wanted to let us know, the “U.S.-Japan Regulatory Reform and Competition Policy Initiative” has also foretold the changes that they wanted Japan to follow.


Right. If we compare these two subjects, the movie “Knowing” and the official document, there is surely a certain similarity in them. While the movie targets to brainwash and provoke ignorant people in public, the official document targets to threaten, and make politicians and bureaucrats aware of their strict demands in secret.


Although one is publicized in secret, and the other is announced openly, a group of parasites use these two methods to realize their Agenda. They use films to threaten us emotionally and official documents to chain and devour us practically.


Yet, there is certainly a hidden catch in these two methods. That is, watching films is quite easy, as it is a form of entertainment. To watch and enjoy movies, you don’t need any efforts to understand them. You sit and watch them. That is all.


In the meantime, finding, reading and understanding the official documents require our intelligence and perseverance. Unless you spend some time and have certain background knowledge, you won’t find and understand it.


I have no idea how many of us know the existence of this document. If you don’t know, you must spend some time to find it, as no major media has every reported on it. They hide critically important issues from us. I have heard that even some diet members may not be aware of its existence.


Needless to say, understanding the document is far more important than watching movies. Yet, many of us get caught in their traps, and are willing to watch movies, instead of reading the document, which is not easy to be located.


If we remain so, our country Japan will be damaged tremendously in the near future. I am very worried about this, and want you to know this fact.


We must find the information that we need to learn. As parasites’ parasites, that is our major media, hide most of the crucial information from us, which surely helps us to learn the truth, we must continue our investigations.


I want you to keep this in mind, and judge what the truth is all around us.

“Knowing” does not mean to be driven emotionally by the images that they have created. “Knowing” means to collect useful information and judge things on our own. Let’s try to avoid being brainwashed. The key is to put ourselves in the center, not their ideas. If we know this and build a strong wall around us, I don’t think they can affect our minds, at least, emotionally. What do you think, my readers?



Poet Calico Cat


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The Tokyo Electric Power Company is an extremely sly Japanese company. Although there are a lot of dishonest companies in the world, such as Bechtel, Monsanto, and British Petroleum, this Japanese firm can be a champion of evil among them. All the Japanese, including those who work for the company, hate it. All of us know how dishonest and deceitful it has been to us, the public, by observing its very poor management and performance after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear disasters on March 11th.


Because TEPCO’s management executives are always retired bureaucrats, they know nothing about the company’s practical management issues. Even at their recent press conferences, they have simply and stupidly repeated what they were told to say. They are not humans but parrots. When I heard them making their statements, I felt as if they were elementally school kids making a speech with their teachers standing behind them. Their teachers are the directors who control the company, using these robotic old men. Clearly, they had no knowledge about the plant’s technical issues, or any compassion to be of any help to the suffering victims.


They have only been hired because these old men have close ties with government officials as seniors, and therefore, can tremendously influence government policies. Although the functions that these retired bureaucrats are given is symbolic, just like a cover page of a magazine, the salary that they are paid is huge. Therefore, all that they practically do is to put their hanko seals onto documents that they do not understand at all.


I wonder if they are ashamed of themselves for engaging in such a worthless job. Probably not. It appears to me that all they care about is to receive a lot of money without working much. In fact, they might be telling to themsevles,

“It’s not only me. This practice has been going on for such a long time, so there are many other bureaucrats who have received huge benefits out of this tradition. What’s wrong if I followed this old custome?”


These old men are members of criminal gangs and Japanese parasites who continue to help a group of greedy international parasites to destory the world.


Now, my readers. Only yesterday, I came across another piece of atrocious news regarding TEPCO’s criminal conduct, which helped me to confirm and enforce the conviction that I mentioned above.



(TEPCO submitted to a Lower House committee the 12-page document that illustrates the emergency operation procedure at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. However, almost all the lines, except for 10, are blacked out.)


TEPCO was requested to submit the document to a Lower House committee by the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency so that they could examine TEPCO’s measures for the Physical Protection of the Fukushima reactors, but except for about 10 lines in total, almost all the information was blacked out!


As almost the entire information was blacked out, as you can see in the news above, how can we examine and judge the physical protection procedures? Are TEPCO making fun of us? Do they seriously believe that such a document can be accepted?


The blacked out document reminded me of the textbooks that were used during the Second World War. At that time, all the information that the government did not want the public to learn was also blacked out. Indeed, this blacked out document can be a symbol of the method that TEPCO has been using to handle the public. They may not have told us 99% of the truth yet. 


This request regarding the information on their emergency procedures was made to TEPCO, because it is now strongly suspected that manually stopping the Emergency Cooling System three times (!!!) may have caused the meltdown in Reactor 1, and as a result, all the disasters that have been inflicted upon the Japanese people and our land.


While TEPCO still insist that it was a “mistake by a worker”, I don’t think that anyone can believe that allegation. I truly wonder how long they are going to continue to tell us lies and cover-up the truth?


Now, let’s look at an individual, who is as appalling as TEPCO. We have a new Prime Minister, Mr. Noda, who promotes the malicious international parasites’ plans to destroy the Japanese economy. Along with him, we have another despicable Japanese parasite Mr. Maehara, who is extremely eager to create a war between Japan and China. According to the news below, he appears to be preparing for war by easing some restrictions on the use of weapons for the Japanese Self-Defense Forces.



(In Washington on September 7th, Mr. Maehara, chairman of the Democratic Party, urged the need to ease restrictions on the use of weapons when the Japanese Army participates in UN peacekeeping operations overseas.)


You can also view him making a speech in English in the video below.



(Mr. Maehara expressed the need to ease restrictions on the use of weapons when the Japanese Self-Defense Forces are engaged in wars or exercises overseas)


As Mr. Japanese parasite Maehara is well-known for his eagerness to create a war between Japan and China, I am not surprised to hear his grandiose statements, like this one. What he insists is clearly against the requirements of our Constitution, so the changes that he insists upon won’t be accepted just because he wants them.


Yet, what angered me was the fact that he insists on easing the restrictions on the use of weapons, not for the benefit and safety of the Japanese members of our Self-Defense Forces, but for the safety and benefit of foreign soldiers. I think that this is a serious issue to be considered, as it sounds like Mr. Maehara is much more concerned about the safety of his fellow non-Japanese parasites than that for us, the Japanese. 


However, what surprised and rather more amused me was evident proof of his being a parasite, which I discovered in his speech in English. To be more precise, the way that he delivered the speech and his English itself showed me that he was only following what he had been told to do. In that speech, many formal phrases were used, which include “from unlawful and imminent infringement”. This was probably to make it sound sophisticated. However, as a professional English user, I could see that he had no idea of what he was referring to. I can see that he did not know the words that he was reading. The speech had been written by someone who wanted him to deliver their own message.


As is always the case with TEPCO, this young and immature parasite may also be used as a cover page by the powerful entities that control him.


The last news that I would like you to pay some attention to is that iodine 131 has been detected in Oshu city in Iwate Prefecture.



(Oshu City’s announcement on September 7, regarding the latest survey of radioactive materials in sewer sludge in a sewage treatment center in Oshu city)


Oshu City is located 187 kilometers north of Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant. And, half of the iodine should not remain there after 8 days. However, the fact is that iodine-131 was being detected in the sludge cakes there since August 25.


What does this indicate? Had another nuclear bomb been detonated in the area to trigger man-made earthquakes? Or, have some terrorists, who the parasites had kept as agents, scattered radioactive materials in that area? I have no clues to give you a precise analysis. Yet, one thing is clear. All those criminals, including TEPCO, Mr. Noda and Mr. Maehara, have not yet given up their ideas of damaging Japan to sustain the dollar, which would certainly collapse before the end of next year.


Please spread this information among the people you know so that they can learn the facts and the truth.


The safety and prosperity of the world depends upon us, and the wisdom and strength that all of us, as ordinary people, possess in our hands.


Shall we help each other and get rid of all the appalling parasitic companies and traitors out of Japan?!


Poet Calico Cat

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Murder or Suicide?

Japan is notorious for its high suicide rate. You may have heard this news, haven’t you?

According to the major media, Japan is said to have one of the highest suicide rates in the industrialized world. If the statistics that they use to report this news are correct, around ninety people kill themselves in Japan every day. That is a lot of people!

However, can this be true?

As nowadays I have a tendency to doubt all the news that comes to me, I cannot simply say that this is true or not. I rather think it is wise not to believe what you are told straight away. Actually, statistics are normally very misleading so I think we had better be careful in analyzing each case.

Yet, I can tell you with confidence that in Japan there are many murder cases which are considered as suicides. Because, first of all, a group of Korean parasites living in Japan have their spies and agents even in the police, they can disguise the cases of murders as suicides. What’s more, the parasites can ask their fellow doctors to issue death certificates that certify that the cases were suicides. Consequently, the police would perform no further investigations, even if there were a lot of anomalies in those cases.

So far, many eminent Japanese politicians have been murdered. Although the major media reports that they were murdered because they were attacked by thugs or, the killers had hard feelings toward the politicians, these reasons were not true. In most cases, these politicians were those who harshly opposed some changes to existing laws and regulations, which only benefit a group of greedy Japanese, Korean and international parasites. When those courageous politicians became obstacles to the parasites in the implementation of their plans, or whistle blowers that leaked the truth, the parasites just killed them. It is simple and clear, but the media, which is also an indispensable tool for them to control the public, has never reported the truth to us.

The same thing can be said about bankers and bureaucrats who work in the financial world. People who were against critical changes, or people who learned the truth and were about to leak it have been murdered.


In Mr. Yamaguchi Atsuo’s book, “Why did an accountant of the Risona Bank die?”, I found a list of bankers who were reported to have “committed suicide”.

On the following blog, “Cycle of Hatred”, I also found a more complete list of people in the Japanese financial world, who were reported to have committed “suicide”.


(The Japanese structure is rotten to the worst level that it has ever experienced. To understand this, we must learn what has been going on behind the scenes.)


Since 1992 when the Japanese mega-banks and financial institutions began to go bankrupt, a lot of chairmen, directors and managers of these institutions were reported to have been murdered, or “committed suicide”.  

On December 1st, 1992, Mr. Kato Yoshikuni, the senior managing director of a trading company “Itoman” drowned himself at home. Is it possible to drown oneself in a bath at home? I have doubts about the possibility.

On August 5h of 1993, Mr. Koyama Tomosaburo, the vice president of Sakawa Bank was shot dead on the street in front of his house. So, this case was clearly a murder. Was the murderer a Yakuza? Because it is illegal to possess pistols in Japan, those who can shoot others cannot be ordinary people.

On February 28 in 1994, Mr. Suzuki Juntaro, the vice senior managing director of “Fuji Film” was stabbed to death on the doorstep of his house.

Again, it is clear that it was a case of murder. Stabbing someone to death is one of the most horrible and primitive methods to kill humans.

On September 14th in the same year, Mr.Hatanaka Kazuhiro, the director of Sumitomo Bank’s Nagoya Branch was shot dead in front of his luxurious apartment house. This case was also a murder. His shooting reminds me of suggests a Yakuza involvement.

All the cases below have been recorded as suicides. But, I have great reservations to believe what is reported by the media. Let’s take a look at the list of “committing suicide” cases.

On June 29th in 1997, Mr. Miyazaki Kunitsugu, a former chairman of Daiichi Kangyo Bank, “hanged” himself at home.

On January 28th in 1998, Mr. Ootsuki Yohichi, an administrator of the Banking Bureau of the Bank of Japan, “hanged” himself at home.

On March 12, in the same year, Mr. Sugiyama Yoshio, an assistant manager of the Banking Bureau of the Bank of Japan, “hanged” himself at home.

On May 2nd in the same year, Mr. Kamoshida Takayuki, an executive board member of the Bank of Japan, “hanged” himself at his mother’s.

On May 6th, in 1999, Mr. Uehara Takashi, a former vice president of Nihon Long-term Credit Bank, “hanged” himself at a hotel.

On May 17th of the same year, Mr. Fukuda Kazunori, a manager of a branch office of the Sumitomo Trust and Banking, “hanged” himself at a hotel.

On February 6th in 2000, Mr. Idenoge Hidemori, a former board of member of Sumitomo Trust and Banking, “hanged” himself at a hotel.

On September 20th, Mr. Honma Tadayo, the former president of Nihon Long-term Credit Bank, “hanged” himself at a hotel.

In the last case of Mr. Honma Tadayo, there is a very curious episode. As a former executive officer of the Bank of Japan, he was appointed to become the president of the newly established Aozora Bank, which was originally the Nippon Credit Bank. As the Nippon Credit Bank went bankrupt due to its bad loans, it was renewed, and Mr. Honma had seriously tackled the challenge to make the bank reliable. Some sources say that he was going to disclose details of the bank’s bad loans. This decision could have made those who did not want him to disclose their illegal acts feel threatened and angry.

On the night when Mr. Honma committed suicide, a TV entertainer, Ms. Mori Kimiko was staying in the room next to that of Mr. Honma. Because she was extremely disturbed by noise and shouts that came from Mr. Honma’s room, she complained to the hotel reception that it was unbearably noisy. She was reported to have testified that it was as if people were fighting each other. However, when she was asked to give more details later, she declined to give any more comments, and soon after that, she denied her own testimony.

Mr. Benjamin Fulford had a deep suspicion about the report released by the police, which asserted that Mr. Honma hanged himself by a curtain rail. Because he knew that the curtain rail of the hotel that Mr. Honma was staying was manipulated to break easily when people try to hang themselves, it was impossible for Mr. Honma to die in that manner. Then, the police changed its report and announced that Mr. Honma drowned himself in the bathtub of the hotel. This police action could indicate that they helped the case look like a suicide. “Why have they assisted in “proving” that this was a suicide, and is how can it be permissible to do so?” The series of questions regarding Mr. Honma’s case continued in my mind.

For me, it is quite easy to suspect that Mr. Honma was murdered. Yet, we have to wait and see what the truth was.

The cases that I have referred to so far were only those of prominent figures. Yet, I am sure that there are far more cases of suicides, where people who are not as famous as the people mentioned above were involved.

Although I can sense that the darkness deepens far more as I go further into this area, I presume that I must remain keenly aware of this, and continue my own investigations. It is because the dead have no mouths to speak now, we must carefully listen to them through our research, and learn the truth. That is our responsibility, isn’t it?


Poet Calico Cat

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In my understanding, these are the only minor illegalities that Mr. Noda has committed so far. For me, one of the biggest crimes that he has inflicted on the Japanese is that he has continued to tell us a lie about the US bonds. Because the US economy will collapse, by the end of next year at the latest, buying US bonds is a worthless action. 


If the dollar becomes worth less than 50 yen, the value of US bonds will also drop. Because the US government has no intention of buying back the Bonds, they will become worthless, which is 100 % certain. However, Mr. Noda, as a Japanese parasite, who works only for the benefit of the US parasites, has been buying many US bonds using our taxes. I would like him to stop this harmful act immediately.


As the video below shows, it is 100 % clear that he has a strong connection with North and South Korean groups who work for the International parasites. He cannot deny that he, just as Mr. Kan Naoto, is a Japanese parasite who works hard to support Korea and the US parasites.


(Mr. Noda shows his deepest gratitude for the help from Korean groups)


Just as Typhoon Number 12 has caused us huge damage and killed more than 50 people, this badger Noda can be expected to damage Japan and the Japanese economy tremendously.


I would like both of them to leave Japan as soon as possible. We don’t need anyone, or anything that can be manipulated intentionally by malicious international parasites.



Poet Calico Cat




There is a rumor that lately minor earthquakes have been hitting his native place, Chiba, whenever he makes foolish political statements. I can see that some malicious intentions are being worked here.


In the meantime, this morning, I have received good news. Mr. Kan Naoto, who has been severely accused of having donated 62.5 million yen (770 thousand dollars) to the family members of a suspect who kidnapped Japanese to North Korea, may be prosecuted and punished. The Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office has accepted the criminal complaint about his donations from residents in Kanagawa Prefecture.



(The Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office has accepted the criminal complaint about Mr. Kan’s donations to a Korean who has been suspected of kidnapping Japanese, from residents in Kanagawa Prefecture.)


If rotten Japanese Parasite Mr. Noda is arrested and punished, and resign in the end, I will be more than happy!!




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Talking about Mr. Kan Naoto’s case, he maintained that he did not know that a particular donor was a foreigner. As another Japanese parasite, Mr. Kan, was assisted by his fellow members of the Diet, he managed to escape from further accusations!


Despite these two cases, one of which terminated the former Foreign Minister’s political career, Mr. Noda has very carelessly committed the same illegal actions.


I presume that even a five-year old boy can understand the illegality of receiving funds from foreigners, as there were at least two recent cases that have become big scandals. Yet, it seems that Mr. Noda has not learned any lessons from the cases and has repeated the same mistake now! 


Over the weekend, it was reported that Mr. Noda had received 300 thousand yen donations from four foreigners, and a firm headed by a foreigner, between 2005 and 2010.


However, he refused to comment on this matter and kept silent. If he thinks that he has not done anything wrong, he should come forward and tell us bravely that his acts were completely acceptable. But, that could not happen, as it was wrong to receive donations from foreigners.


Yet, the news is not a big surprise for me. Even before the disclosure of this donation, most of the public had already suspected that Mr. Noda may have done such illegal political acts behind the scenes. Among those of us who were opposed to the idea of his being prime minister, he was notorious for being stingy as well as insidious.


I can show you a few cases that prove his miserliness and meanness.


First, on January of this year, an improper payment was made by one of his offices. An organization that supports Mr. Noda’s political activities paid 220 thousand yen to the bars that he visited from donated money that was supposed to support his political activities.



(220,000 yen of donated money was used by Mr. Noda’s office for the payment of drinking and eating at bars)


This June, it was reported that Mr. Noda received a 500,000 yen donation in total from a man who was the president of a company that had evaded paying its taxes.


(Mr. Noda accepted a 500,000 yen donationfrom a tax-evading company.)


Furthermore, his office received a 3 million yen political donation from a man who established a clinic that killed a female patient who had had liposuction surgery performed.


(Shinagawa Plastic Surgery)



(3 million yen donations were made to Mr. Noda by Shinagawa Plastic Surgery Clinic, which killed a 70-year-old patient during her liposuction surgery)


In response to the latest allegations, his office (not himself, slickly) has not yet commented.

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We have an old saying here in Japan. That is, “As time passes, things always change”.


When young people grow old, they become worn-out. Oops! No, not always. But, some people, especially bad-natured ones, are like that. To illustrate one such case, I would like you to go to the blog “Awaken now, Mr. Sheep and Ms. Rats!”. There you will find a pair of photos, which shows a man in his 20s and then in the present. Please compare them and see what I mean. 



(It may be usual to have many prime ministers for a short period, as we do here in Japan. It could be possible to call this tendency a new ideology that is ahead of its time?!)


Do you know who the man in the photos is?


Please don’t be surprised, but he is our new Prime Minister Noda Yoshihiko!

As can be clearly observed, he was young and looked very trusting and innocent in his early 20s. He would be much more honest and ambitious now, if he had remained as he was. But, nature did not work that way. Please look at him now. Doesn’t he look very tired and extremely untrustworthy?


The intention of the photographer, who caricatured Mr. Noda as a badger, is that our Prime Minister is very dishonest and feels nothing when he deceives us. In Japan, the badger has the symbolic implication that it loves to cheat on people. That is the very nature that a badger and Mr. Noda share, that this photo demonstrates.


If you also feel that way, you are completely on the right track, because I also feel that that is unfortunately but precisely how he is now. This is because, as the news below reports, our new Prime Minister Mr. Noda is now being accused of receiving illegal donations from the Koreans.



(Prime Minister Mr. Noda had received donations from foreigners.)


Here in Japan, we have a regulation called the Political Funds Control Law that prohibits donations from foreign individuals and companies. Because accepting donations from foreigners can have a great impact and influence on our domestic politics, it is strictly forbidden to receive any funds from them.


In fact, only this March, a similar scandal involving donations from Korean residents involved his predecessor, Mr. Kan Naoto, and former Foreign Minister Maehara Seiji. After Mr. Maehara was severely reprimanded at the Diet, he resigned immediately, as many speculated that he had many more cases of illegal donations. It appeared that he preferred to prevent other cases of illegal donations from being disclosed rather than to remain as Japan’s Foreign Minister. As I have said earlier, because he is one of our Japanese parasites, I know that his illegal fund collections are only the tip of the iceberg. So, his urgent decision to resign may have been very cunning and effective in cheating the public.

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Nuclear Money (2)


For an example, the news below clarifies how closely the town mayor in Kyushu, the government and the nuclear industries work, to produce large extra income for their own benefit.



(Genkaicho’s mayor, Mr.Kishimoto in Saga Prefecture, helps his brother to get construction work for Genkai Nuclear Power Station. The estimated project cost is 170 billion yen. )


The news reports that, since taking the position as the mayor of Genaki cho in Saga Prefecure, Mr. Kishimoto Hideo aged 57, exclusively gave his brother’s construction company, “Kishimoto Kumi”, the work that is connected with Genkai Nuclear Power Station’s construction supported by the Kyushu electric Company. He also gave other work to Kishimoto Kumi, which uses the so-called “Nuclear Money” that was allocated by the Japanese government. This money is said to have been given to the town as he agreed to accept the Genkai Nuclear Power Plant there.


For four years and eight months this atrocious performance has been going on. The total project cost is estimated to be 170 billion yen, so it is easy to speculate that a huge profit was made only for him and his brother.  


I am sure that all those people would not favor Mr. Nishizawa’s comments, as it means that we don’t need any nuclear power plants if no shortage occurs at the moment, when the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear plants are crippled and some other plants have stopped their operations for regular maintenance.


Now, do you remember Mr. Matsumoto Ryu, the former minister of disaster reconstruction, who offended the public by his arrogant attitude and unimaginably ignorant comments?  


The news reports that he became mentally affected, and was hospitalized because of this event. However, it seems that the truth has been hidden behind the scenes. Some sources state that Mr. Matsumoto was rather trapped and victimized to justify or cover up the Prefectural Governor of Miyagi Prefecture, Mr. Murai’s policies. They say that Mr. Murai is one of the leaders who promotes the rights and profits of the people who live on “Nuclear Money”.



(Mr. Murai is one of the leaders of a group of Japanese and American personnel who suck the blood from Reconstruction Work in Fukushima.)

Well, this may be quite true as the “benefits” that they can get from the “Nuclear Money” and the “Fukushima Construction Money” are enormous!!


However, because of the massive scale of the “benefits”, many people, who became obstacles to these people in carrying on their system of “Nuclear Money”, were murdered since the March 11 terrorist attack. There were some news headlines, which claimed that they had committed suicide. But, I don’t think that they killed themselves. They were murdered or at the least were arrested for minor offences and were forced to abandon their jobs and lives.


So, I think that TEPCO’s Mr. Nishizawa, who spilled the beans very carelessly, is in great danger.


Therefore, in closing my test today, I would like to give him a small piece of advice.


“Dear Mr. Nishizawa. I think that it is quite easy for people who thrive on “Nuclear Money” to destroy your career or even kill you. They have such a history. Please watch out for what to say. It might be a good idea for you to continue playing the role of a puppet or a parrot that they have given to you. After all, we all know that all of you are liars, whom we can never trust!”



Poet Calico Cat




I have a small fear that Mr. Nishizawa might also have been trapped. In any case, my speculation is that he will be executed sooner or later due to his unforgivable mistake.



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