Nuclear Money (1)


Today, I have very interesting but worrying news!


On July 13, the newly appointed president of Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) admitted in an interview with the TV Asahi’s news program that the company has extra electricity to provide to western Japan so that the shortage of electricity in the area can be alleviated. 



(Newly appointed president of TEPCO says that it can provide electricity to the western part of Japan, if necessary)


You can watch the video at the following site. However, you must know that the counter is strangely out of order. The number of viewers never increases!

It seems that the media does not want to show us that a large number of people have watched this video.



(Newly appointed president of TEPCO is considering providing extra electricity to the western part of Japan)


In fact, not only TEPCO itself but also the major media and the government have continuously persuaded the public that they cannot provide enough electricity due to the crippled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power plants.


As for me, because I knew that all of them are liars, I have never believed that we should suffer from the shortage of electricity.


Several independent organizations have already conducted their own research and speculations regarding the amount of the electricity that can be produced by other sources of energy. In protest against the government’s bogus announcements, they have posted the result that clearly indicates that there won’t be any shortage of power even if all nuclear plants stop operating.


According to their calculations, it was obvious for me that there is no reason that we should suffer any blackouts, either. However, the fact is that the government has ordered small companies to save electricity, and if these companies cannot save enough electricity they were ordered to pay heavy fine.


Therefore, the workers at these companies had to follow the order, if they wanted to survive. What is horrible about this is that they desperately tried to use as little electricity as possible, to the limit that they could barely work. They switched off the cooling systems as well as some lights.


This information came from the site below.



(Despite the fact that TEPCO had proclaimed that there was a shortage of electricity, now they say that they can provide electricity to Kansai Electric Power Company. Why is this so?)


I think that TEPCO’s newly elected president, Mr. Nishizawa Toshio, who has worked at TEPCO since he graduated from university, and has helped the company to cover-up their endless wrong-doings, made an unimaginably big mistake by confessing that there is no shortage of electricity.


As there are so many people such as scholars, governmental and private organizations, and the media, which make huge profits out of nuclear power industries, there is a strong possibility that his statement can greatly influence and damage their profitability or money-making.


For example, do you know how many organizations we have here in Japan, which are related to the nuclear industries? There are at least 31 private but giant corporations according to the list below.



(A list of corporations that work for the nuclear industries in Japan)


Of course, each company has its own subsidiary companies, at least 30 or 40, including the smaller companies that are affiliated with these so-called parent companies.


The money that is produced by all these companies as well as governmental organizations is called “Nuclear Money”, and it is easy to imagine that because of this money, the government and behemoth organizations cannot stop working on nuclear power.



Mr. Puppet Waller (1)

Who do you think controls Japan now? 

Is it our Prime Minister Kan Naoto?

If you still support his policies and follow his ideas, you may be under his control.

However, as the recent news has announced, only one out of ten people support him, which is the lowest rate that has ever been recorded for a sitting Prime Minister in Japan.

(The approval rating for Prime Minister Kan has dropped to 16.4%. The rate is expected to become lower than this figure soon.)

This means that almost all of us want him to resign as soon as possible.

Yet, he still remains as the Japanese Prime Minister.

With this unbelievable reality, I would like to ask him,

“Why are you so insensible to remain as Prime Minister under this terrible situation where almost no one supports you?”

Well, the truth is that he may not be a human but, well, I had better not refer to this aspect yet.

If we don’t approve of Mr. Kan, who or what can we
rely on?

Are we under the control of the rotten Japanese media, instead?

It is true that the mainstream media in Japan used to have effective control over us.

But, again, the latest news reveals that in June this year, the viewer ratings for the TV programs, which are broadcast between 7
and 8 in the evening by several commercial TV stations, decreased to below 10%.

(After the 3/11 Terrorist Attack, people stopped
watching TV)

The exact figures are as follows: Nippon Television has an approval rating of only 9.4%, TBS 8.3%, Fuji Television 9.7%, Asahi Television 8.1% and Tokyo Television 5.1%.

These figures are hilariously low, as the ratings
for Prime Time programs.

I am sure that this is very shocking news for all TV stations, because the programs that start at 7pm are said to earn the highest
audience rating.

Yet, because what they have broadcast during this
time line so far were such foolish “variety programs” where entertainers – so-called Owarai Geinin – just chat, or news programs, which
are full of lies, or cheap soap operas, it is no wonder that no sensible person wants to watch any of these programs.

As far as I am concerned, I never watch any of these foolish programs.


In fact, I felt both nausea and headaches when I saw some of these horrible TV programs, so I stopped watching TV a long time ago.

Therefore, to save money and electricity, of which our government claims there is a shortage, I strongly hope that all these ubbish TV stations will be abolished very soon.

Then, we don’t have to watch meaningless programs,
which are extremely detrimental to teenagers and kids in particular.

There is absolutely no need for us to pay extra money for the electricity that they waste.

However, if you still belong to a group of people, who claim, “I cannot live without TV!” then I am sorry to say, but you may still be under the control of the media.

It is because you might act based on the “information” that they deliver to you. In reference to this “information”, I would call it not information but bogus lies and deceptions.

In a word, the reality is, even if we don’t support Prime Minister Kan Naoto, and don’t believe what the major media reports to us, we are in the hands of someone who affects every aspect of our daily life.

Can you guess who this man is?

(The End of Part 1)

Baby Politicians (2)

 If politicians lack the knowledge about these
weapons, they are like babies in diapers.

In other words, they have not yet reached the
stage that they can walk and talk on their own.

If these baby politicians attend international
conferences, no one would address them.

No one would not want to discuss with them about
world affairs, because they lack the basic knowledge about these dreadful nuclear weapons.

If you are curious how many and what kind of nuclear weapons we currently have, you can find the information at the site below.

(50 Facts about US Nuclear Weapons)

Politicians, if they want to keep their positions,
must study these weapons, and the reality that they bring hard, and widen their points of views as soon as possible.

Otherwise, no one would consider them as politicians.

I wouldn’t, for example.

Mr. Kakizaki posed several questions to Mr. Hamada
concerning the role and the responsibility of the position as the reconstruction member that Mr. Hamada is in charge of now.

I liked the way this Diet man Mr. Hamada responded
to Mr. Kakizaki, and what he said about the weapons of mass destruction.

In contrast, from the beginning, Mr. Kakizaki was
nasty and childish.

To me, he looked nervous, trying hard to follow
the plot, which he had been instructed to follow beforehand by his boss.

The point that Mr. Kakizaki wanted to prove was,
it seems, whether Mr. Hamada had visited Fukushima and seen the calamity.

When Mr. Hamada said, “No, but as I do have
friends and acquaintances, I communicate with them enough.

Therefore, going there in person is rather unimportant for me.”, Mr. Kakizaki paid attention only to one word, “No.”

He looked happy, because I think that was what he

 Then, Mr. Kakizaki started to insist that because
Mr. Hamada had not visited the inflicted area, he should not remain as the officer in charge of disaster reconstruction.

Ha! What kind of logic is that?!

Why did not he ask him more in detail about Mr.
Hamada’s actions and his policies?

Maybe he had not conducted enough research?

In any case, Mr. Hamada is, at least, far better
than Mr. Matsumoto Ryu, the former minister of disaster

As you know, this man had to step down after
offending the local governors and we, the public, by confessing his total ignorance of local geography, and showing his bossy irritation.

It is very funny for me to see that Mr. Matsumoto
Ryu had some tears in his eyes when he made his resignation speech, and then chose a hospital to hide in.

To me, he was like a little boy, who was scolded,
whereupon he cried, and then went to the toilet to show his protest.

Observing all these baby politicians, I must ask
myself the following horrifying questions,

“What kinds of politicians do we have in Japan?”

“Do we need the baby politicians that we have now?”

No, definitely not!

We absolutely need grown-up men who can understand
and judge the situation that we are in, with deep insight, enough knowledge and the abilities to take action with determination.

Do we have any of these men?

Well…it’s a very difficult question to answer, a big sigh…!

Poet Calico Cat

Mr. Puppet Waller (2)

It is Mr. David B. Waller, an American, who has
occupied a room in our government and never left it since March 17 of this year.

You can learn more about this man at the following


(Profile of David Waller, the Head of the
Department of Management in IAEA)

As he is the director general and the head of the
Department of Management of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), it is said that he has remained as an advisor to the Japanese government.

However, I don’t think that he gives his advice to
our government, and waits patiently for its decisions.

What he does is that he has his own office on the
3rd floor in our government building, and instructs or, more
precisely, gives an order to Prime Minister Kan Naoto what to do with the crippled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear reactors disasters and all other related issues in Japan.


(Mr. Soejima Takahiko has the similar idea about
Mr. David Waller to mine)

The occupation by the US government, which began
through the Meiji Restoration, and was strengthened after we lost the Second World War in 1945, is virtually still going on.

One of the evidences for this is a document entitled “the U.S.-Japan Regulatory Reform and Competition Policy Initiative” that the US government issues every year.
This is a document that illustrates their requests to Japan, to every
one of which Japan has accepted faithfully, without any disagreement.


(Wikipedia for the U.S.-Japan Regulatory Reform and Competition Policy Initiative)

(You can see the document at this site – the
Office of the US Trade Representative)

(The US government is restructuring the Japanese government for its own benefit)

Since March 17 after the Man-Made Earthquakes and the tsunami that followed, which his bosses, namely a group of malicious international bankers, have created and inflicted on us, David Waller has been in charge of handling the devastated situation in Japan.

More precisely, he has been trying to damage the reputation of
Japan by controlling the crippled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear disasters.

That is, by releasing fabricated information or hiding some
critical information to Japanese citizens, such as the levels of radiation in the Fukushima area, he has attempted to incur panic among us.

The deterioration of the Japanese economy could be another agenda
for him.

Of course, he has been totally unsuccessful, which I am certain of.

We are, unfortunately, far more intelligent beings than he might have

Unlike himself and his fellow pawns, Mr. Kan
and his followers, we cannot allow ourselves to become puppets.

We are humans, who highly value our independence and sovereignty.

Yes, we are!

He has been a failure in his ultimate mission: to
sustain the value of the dollar to avoid the US economy’s default, while not damaging the nuclear industries in countries such as the US and France, which aggressively promote them.

As you know, currently the value of the dollar to the Japanese Yen
is getting lower.

At the moment it is $78.93.

This could be another sign of his complete failure.

As a matter of fact, his country, the US, has 104 nuclear reactors
in operation, and the Obama administration has promised to support the nuclear industries by giving $360 billion to help them build more reactors.

The Weekly Friday of July 1st analyzes and explains this subject in detail on page 18 to 19.

Mr. David Waller is a mere puppet, and Prime Minister Kan is his dog with its tail wagging.

The Politicians, the government bureaucrats and the media that follow this dog are hyenas.

They are creating an entire fraud, being under
the control of these evil lizards.

Would you like to join them, or remain as a human?

I prefer to remain as a human, rejecting any control by non-human

What would you prefer, my readers?

Poet Calico Cat

 Baby Politicians (1)


“The knowledge about earthquake and tsunami weapons is a prerequisite and very basic for politicians who are in the position of handling the world’s extremely risky and unstable political situations today.


We need to recognize that our technology has advanced to that level. I am certain of this.”

This is how Mr. Hamada Kazuyuki, a member of congress and the government’s Political Advisor on General Affairs, declared in the Diet yesterday.


This statement was, in fact, triggered by a far less important and meaningless question asked by Mr. Kakizaki Mitori, a member of Everyone’s Party, who I don’t know much about.

I was very moved by the way Mr. Hamada referred to these weapons, because I entirely agree with him on the point that earthquake and tsunami weapons exist.

To prove the existence of such weapons, I would like to show you, and some ignorant politicians in particular, the statement that the US Defense Secretary Mr. William Cohen made in April 28, 1977, that is 34 years ago.

“Others are engaging in an eco-hype of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.”

(Transcript of Secretary of Defense William Cohen’s News Briefing)


It is also undeniable that a group of malicious bankers, who dominate the US government to control it, have been attacking us using these weapons since this March, or even much earlier.


We are truly at a war with them, like it or not.

In fact, these evil-doers are continuously attacking us using these weapons day and night, trying to create ceaseless calamity in Japan.

That is the reason that we detect traces of radiation all across Japan.

The radiation does not come from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, but from the epicenters of the earthquakes that happened around us.


Some earthquakes were created or triggered by nuclear explosions, and that made the levels of radiation higher than usual in some areas, which are far from the crippled Fukushima Nuclear reactors.

I am really fed up with this appalling way that they use to damage Japan, aiming to tarnish the reputation of the yen so that they can sustain the value of the horrible and useless dollars!

I also feel so disgusted about some politicians for being so ignorant, including this Mr. Kakizaki.

They are completely blind about these earthquake and tsunami weapons.


Why can they not see that they do exist, as atomic bombs and nuclear missiles have been in use for a long time in wars?

Two large cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed by atomic bombs 3 meters long and 0.7 meters in diameter in an instant, even 66 years ago!


(Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Manhattan Project)

Also, please take a look at the photo of the smallest nuclear bomb that has been disclosed so far at the following site. You can see how small it is.


(Wikipedia – the smallest atomic bombs W54)

There is a newspaper article that clearly states that the US had a plan to attack Japan using a Man-Made Earthquake.

http://hyouhei03.blogzine.jp/.shared/image.html?/photos/uncategorized/2011/07/07/130462518748116132543_agpizwvizwuyc.jpg (The US has a plan to attack Japan with their Man-made earthquake)

The following article explains about the ultimate weapon of mass destruction: owing the weather for military use.

(Owing the weather for military use)

If you take all these points into consideration, I don’t think that for them creating a tsunami weapon is such a difficult task.


NO, it isn’t.


(The End of Part 1)


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